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November 18, 2008



I hope you and Cheryl can arrange your schedules so that Debbi can still come to knitting :p But congrats on the classes, very cool! Im so sorry your Mom isnt waiting at the other end of the phone anymore. Time might heal but it can never erase. Embrace those memories cause thats a little piece of her thats still with you.


That is indeed the worst of it: "oh, ---- will get such a kick out of that, I gotta call... oh, crap."

My FIL had certain gestures and turns of phrase that Grant will use once in a while so Ernie can be there with us just for a moment (or sometimes without even thinking about it). It's easier for me than for him, of course.


I'm so sorry you can't share you news with your mom. But you can share with us and we'll be almost as excited as she would be!

Congratulations to Kelsie! What a great achievement! And congratulations to you, too! You're going to be so smart!

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