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August 15, 2007



I think this is very typical of e-drama that so often occurs. It's very easy to misunderstand the written word when so many of the visual and auditory queues we depend on are missing. I notice there was one careful reader who went back and defended you, the voice of experience there.


A knitter friend referred me to your blog and I guess at first glance, it did strike me the wrong way, but then after some perspective and seeing both sides, yes, I will go back and read the book! Afterward, I realized that the Yarn Harlot was the one that spurred the point and it has peaked me to read her book!

I know a couple of knitting "snobs" and I'm sure you are not one of them...it just peaked my interest and thought I'd get feedback! As I read your blog, you are an interesting knitter and will definitely continue to read your blog now! You seem to have a very fulfilling life especially as a Knitter (with a capital K!)

Sorry to rile everyone up, but it was a good conversation piece!

Good knitting to all!

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